Do´s and Dont´s


  1. Take one multi vitamin tablet a day. Take the herbal medicine Chyavana Prasa and Aswagandharishta and one E Capsule.

  2. Your lungs require some exercises as you can not run or walk. So make it a fun to play mouth organ, flute, blow soap bubbles, blow balloons. The caution is do not over do it. Be moderate.

  3. Employ your time in some useful and entertaining purpose. You can help kids in their lessons, you can watch good TV shows, cricket, music shows etc.

  4. Expand your connections. Write letters to friends, relatives, just for fun. Be communicative, talk to friends and relatives on phone.

  5. Ask parents, friends to take you outside now and then, in a wheel chair, or a rickshaw or car etc.

  6. Participate in festivals, like Deepavali, Holi, Rakhi or Pooja functions taking others help, though for a short time. You´ll have the satisfaction of participation.

  7. Don´t take to heart the words of some people who speak badly about disease, or ask you too many questions or stare at you in public. Take it easy. Understand that they are just sympathetic towards you, though in their own way.

  8. Develop a positive attitude towards life, consider yourself as a soldier fighting the disease in your own way. Disease brings down your spirits naturally. But don´t give in. Don´t surrender. Enjoy fun. Speak fun. Read cartoons. Collect fun talk serials

  9. Take care of your food. It should be easily digestable, consisting green vegetables, milk, bananas and other fruits. Pure honey in milk or in water is a good supplier of glucose to your muscle tissues. Avoid highly spiced food stuffs.

  10. Take care of your bowel movement. You should go to the toilet every day. If you have constipation, take more milk every night.
    Also take Triphala (Zandu) tablets, 2 or 3 every night. Also take Aswagandharista two spoons with water after food twice a day and Alfalfa with Ginseng (Homeo) before food twice a day.


  1. Don´t discuss about the whole course of the disease before the patient (prognosis)

  2. Never give any figure about the longevity of the patient.

  3. Always instill a positive attitude in the MD.

  4. Provide some avocation to spend his time purposefully.

  5. Don´t show him undue sympathy. Treat him as an individual and don´t point your figure on his impairment.

  6. Don´t stare at him while he / she walks.

  7. MDs are interested in watching games and sports and films. Discuss with them about cricket and films, and not about the disease and the discomforts.

  8. When you visit MDs, offer them some indoor toys, video games sitting games, or at least sweets for they are generally starved for companionship.

  9. Physiotherapy is helpful with its own limitations; it is not a curative agent. Hence don't overstrain the patient


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