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Helps in maintaining fitness in individuals affected by muscular dystrophy. IMDRC Manav Mandir offers state of the art therapy with specialised equipment. The physiotherapy hall can accommodate 50 patients at one time. This spacious south-facing room is well lit and overlooks the beautiful valley. Soothing music adds to the atmosphere.


Hydrotherapy has been recommended by doctors as an effective treatment. It is believed to improve and maintain mobility, strength, and flexibility of muscles, and is a good form of aerobic exercise. IMDRC Manav Mandir has a temperature-controlled indoor pool and ‘steam’ facility for all its patients. The pool is 4.75 Meters by 8.75 Meters. We use specialised equipment for exercises in water under the guidance of our trained staff.

DNA & Carrier testing

We facilitate DNA and carrier testing. The samples are collected at our center and sent to CCNB Hyderabad. Genetic Counselling is also being offered on a regular basis by professional doctors.

Psychological Counselling

Psychological Counselling is an important part of the rehabilitation process. Both Ms. Sanjana Goyal (President, IAMD) & Mr. Vipul (Secretary, IAMD) are affected by Muscular Dystrophy and have been leading fulfilling lives. Both of them hold regular Psychological counselling sessions where they share their experiences with affected individuals and provide counselling. 

General Medical Checkup

General medical checkup by a professional doctor of MMU Medical College, Solan, is carried out at IMDRC Manav Mandir.

Dental Checkup

Dental hygiene is often neglected by individuals affected by Muscular Dystrophy. IAMD in collaboration with Mathuram DAV Dental College, Solan, provides dental check-up and dental hygiene counselling.

Meditation and Yog Pranayam

Meditation and Yog-Pranayam sessions are mandatory and conducted regularly at IMDRC Manav Mandir. These improve mental well being and promote all rounded fitness within individuals affected by Muscular Dystrophy.

Diet Plan

A planned and nutritious diet is an integral part of the residential camp at Manav Mandir. Nutritional guidance and detailed diet plans are also provided.

Recreational Activities

Volunteers from regional educational institutions regularly participate in evening recreational activities. This helps promote community spirit.

Picnics with a purpose

In order to bridge the social gap, we have introduced outdoor fun activities called ‘picnics’ that help patients and families develop kinship, with our community and our environment.