Aims and Objectives of IAMD

  • To bring awareness amongst the public, parents, relatives, educated and uneducated, about MD.

  • To reach for the maximum number of patients and registering them free of cost.

  • To contact the patients, families and relatives personally.

  • To protect them from quacks, as there is no known cure uptill now.

  • To provide them with all kinds of possible assistance.

  • To rehabilitate the MD patients and make them self-reliant.

  • To provide medical and educational grants to the needy according to our financial resources.

  • To organize seminars and camps for the benefit of IAMD patients, parents, relatives and friends.

  • To provide them with the latest research information around the world.

  • To issue a news magazine, 'bridge', free of cost.

  • To educate MDs and their guardians of their rights and help them in raising their social status.

  • To affiliate, associate or co-operate with any other society, association and concerns having similar objects, in manner as the association may determine.

  • To persue the government for the following provisions for MDs.

  • To open up a physiotherapy lab in all the Distt. Hospitals and primary health centers.

  • That social welfare department should take care, while taking any function, seminars, meeting for disabled organizing any function, seminars or meetings for disabled, there should be no inconvenience caused to the concerned.

  • That while constructing any new public utility buildings there should be a provision of ramp, wheel chair, lift or personal help for disabled. Buildings such as: library, post office, auditorium, Welfare Office, cinema halls, D.C. Office etc.

  • That there should be special attentions for emergency services provided by the government, such as telephone assistance, fire brigade assistance, police assistance, medical assistance, traveling assistance etc.

  • As an MD patient is hundred percent disabled, special allowances should be given for phone, petrol, medical and traveling especially for economically weaker sections.

  • That medical certificate, railway concession certificate, bus concession certificate should be provided at the postal addresses of MD patients.

  • While granting medical certificate to the MD patient degree of disability should be hundred percent.

  • In the long run we plan to start rehabilitation center along with cottage industries, hospital, physiotherapy lab, schools and hostels, family welfare centers and all activities concerning modern public trends and interests for the benefit of MD patients.

  • To publish journals, magazines, articles etc. for highlighting the needs and interests of MD patients and parents.

  • To collect funds, donations and subscriptions for IAMD from individuals, industrialists, voluntary, non-voluntary, govt. and non-government organizations.

  • To start fund raising projects for IAMD.

  • To prepare volunteers who can give their time and energy for MD patients in their everyday life.

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