Celebrating National Science Day at Jaypee University

On the eve of National Science Day, Jaypee University celebrated the moment by hosting a seminar on creating awareness on Muscular Dystrophy. Mr Vipul Goyal, General Secretary, Indian Association of Muscular Dystrophy (IAMD) was invited as Chief Guest for the day. He, along with his wife and volunteers attended the seminar. With a warm welcome from the head of the Synapse Club, Mr Sudhir along with other faculty members and students, the event started with a power point presentation on Muscular Dystrophy and IAMD. This continued with experience sharing session of Mr Vipul Goyal with the students and faculty members. The audience showed great interest in knowing about the disorder and inquiring the ways they could contribute. The faculty assured to motivate his students to work and carry out research in this field so that they could make their efforts for controlling this disorder. Mr Vipul along with his team ended up with a theme song.

Celebrating National Science Day at Jaypee University

Celebrating National Science Day at Jaypee University

The success of the event could be easily seen with a smile on every person who attended the event, a will to do something in the eyes of the students and a sign of satisfaction on Mr Vipul’s face. The vice chancellor of the university honoured Mr Goyal’s efforts along with Vote of Thanks.



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