Report of DDUIPH rural posting third team

A team of therapists from Din Dayal Upadhyay Institute For Physically Handicapped, New Delhi were engaged on their rural posting with Indian Association of Muscular Dystrophy. The one month long rural posting at Solan had nine interns contributing to IAMD’s efforts:

  • Occupational Therapist Bhavna looked after a lady living with LGMD,and a small ably with DMD Naman.
  • Physiotherapist Neelam took care of an acute stroke patient and a fifty year old affected by LGMD
  • Occupational Therapist Naveen handled a case of LGMD,a boy with DMD and a child with CP
  • Physiotherapist Pallavi Sharma addressed needs of a 24 year old LGMD affected female
  • Occupational Therapist Sakshi addressed needs of a 78 yr case with an ortho-condition
  • Physiotherapist Shanawaz Ansari along with Naveen looked after a 15 yr. old case of DMD
  • Occupational Therapist Rajiv addressed needs of a 32 yr. old impacted by LGMD,and a person with FSHMD,42 yrs.
  • Occupational Therapist Vikas took care of a 56 Yr. old person living with LGMD, and a gentleman affected with stroke.
  • Occupational Therapist Vikas Sharma handled a case of MD,a child with CP, and a stroke patient.

Needs of each of those who needed care were addressed by the team in a professional manner by way of house calls. Their contribution earned the intern team the gratitude of those affected and their family members.

On 17th Jan, a formal send off was arranged where among others were present IAMD members. This function was presided by The Deputy Commissioner Solan, and Mrs. Uma Baldi wife of Chief Secretary, Finance; Govt. of Himachal Pradesh.

Mrs. Koumudi Dhall did an effective job of coordinating the well attended program that was inaugurated by President Sanjana Goyal, while a work report was read by Mr. Vipul Goyal. The involved therapists shared their experiences and achievements during the course of the one month stating that it had been a good learning experience for them, also considering that they had never had an opportunity to serve as many cases of Muscular Dystrophies before.

Dr. Muthu Ganapathy, IAMD; shared his heart filled message of his feeling now as a family member of IAMD and hoped his association would continue on a long term basis. He expressed that wherever the interns of DDUIPH were posted they should work as if God himself was observing them and they were carrying out work on his behalf. Such was the dedication he inspired them to pursue. He also praised IAMD’s efforts who had given him the freedom to function effectively bringing out the best in him.

Deputy Commissioner Mr. Madan Chauhan said in his address that such therapy sessions were very helpful for the community. Mrs. Uma Baldi lauded the contribution of the therapists and stated that such efforts should be carried out on a regular basis. Mrs Bimla Sharma, Vice President of the organisation, Mrs. Raj Sharma Member, Mrs. Veena Aggrawal, Mrs. Madhu Gupta, Mrs. Kusum, Mr. Atul Goyal were also present. After an inspirational song by team members of IAMD, a formal vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. Vipul Goyal, General Secretary of IAMD.

Benefits which people got after the therapy

  • Naman a 9 yrs old DMD boy was being carried by his mother up to the therapy centre. At the end of the one month, he was walking up to that place.
  • Atul's respiration has improved tremendously. He used to feel breathless in the day time also. Now he sleeps in the night also without disturbance.
  • Ramesh Lata's walking confidence has increased. She feels as if she will start walking without walker very soon.
  • A gentle man who is recovering from stroke and was not able to walk without stick now walks confidently without the stick.
  • In general, conditions of all who received therapy has improved and everyone feels lighter. Also in the seminars for muscular dystrophy, parents, people living with MD and IAMD members gained knowledge of different types of dystrophies.

OT Bhavna telling about Naman, a 9 yrs. boy living with DMD



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