Having my morning tea in gallery with beauty of dew, I was planning for the day. I settled in chair beside and in no time sank in thoughts of past, when I was not only a mother or a wife but also an employee. When I was part of that local train rush, when I had no time to look at scenic beauty, and when I proudly used to indulge in debate of "whose life is tougher; a home maker or working women?

Bang! Bang!! The noise of a hammer broke my chain of my thoughts. With crease on my forehead, my eyes wondered here and there and I saw a lady hammering at a construction site. I see her every day. Every morning, she is at site doing laborers work with her baby tied on her back. She disappears for some time and returns with a Tiffin for her husband and continues to work.

She doesn´t know whether she is working women or a homemaker, nor does she have time to think about it. She is just trying to carry on her duties of being a mother and a wife, along with sharing her husband´s workload and earning an extra buck to run her house smoothly.

She is not the only one; there are many such women. Women those carrying baskets on their heads selling Fish, vegetables or bangles. Women those doing some petite jewellery work or women who take coaching class in their free noon time. Few make papad and pickle or few do household chores for money. Their nature of work may be differing but they strive for same reason.

While seeing them working I feel the power of women hood, but depress with thought that their contribution never being count in their family nor in Indian economy. Weather she ploughs in fields or whether she sells lime-juice on the beach their labor is always taken for granted. Their dedication and love for the family is often honored with physical abuse by creatures that we call men or sometime even in-laws.

We are developing nation and have developed a lot. We all talk about women´s power, women´s liberalization but some where we have forget about these women who silently making their contribution with no complaints. They are still waiting for their freedom even after 64 years of independence.

Author Name: Mohini



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