Stairs The Hurdle

It scares me. I try very hard to overcome my fear, but they always succeed in scaring me. Its sight jolts me. It snatches away my dignity and smile increases anxiety. Its giant arms possess my way to success. It wins in keeping me away from small joys of life.

Alas! These staircases are everywhere denying my wheelchair to climb up. So what, if an act has been enacted 15 years ago for disabled friendly infrastructure, its implementation is far from reality. And so I am away from success.

The path to collage and office, where my dreams can be fulfilled are full of hurdles. Even election booths are not exceptions, where my decision can change the future of the Nation. Buses and trains have reserved places for the disabled, but unfortunately the access way to these places is too reserved by monster steps. Traveling is only possible by private vehicles but richness doesn´t accompany disability every time.

Many monuments and temples have no ramps for my wheelchair though folks are there to lift chair on shoulders but victimize people for your joy can never grin you. Buildings are developing rapidly in metro cities but very few of them are disabled friendly. In 1995, Indian Government passed the disabled act, under which all the public buildings should have ramps and other facilities for disabled. It is the different thing that law has not implemented yet seriously.

Some stations do have ramps but railway being the life line of Mumbai is still far away from calling itself "disabled friendly". The Government and NGOs have taken the measures for making India disabled friendly but improvement is on primitive stage that is not making any difference. Developments those have taken place are unable to provide the actual benefits because it is either on very a small level or lack of awareness about its existence.

However, life never stops for anyone. No one can snatch anything from anyone, until you allow it to happen. In years of rivalry with it, I learned to defeat it. And there are many winners like me. For me now stairs are noting just a hurdle like other problems. They make my way bit difficult of success but not impossible.

Author Name: Mohini



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