1. One father from Bijnaur called us whose daughter is 26 Yrs. And is having LGMD.She´s done Post graduation in and is right now sitting idle at home. Wanted to know so much. Was really happy to reach us through a news paper in which a story of IAMD was covered, five months ago.

  2. Through the same news paper another person from Indore contacted us whose wife and son are having MD. After eleven yrs of his married life he found that the son is having the same problem as his wife, on consultation with doctors he got to know that that it is incurable MD.He got a sigh of relief on reaching us. But is disturbed, wants to do so much for his wife and child, also he said, sometimes he feels that his daughter is also limping the same way. He spoke to us for around one hour. His many queries were satisfied.

  3. Met a bank manager, whose two first cousins are living with MD in Dehradun.The girl 46 yrs.has, stopped walking. And the boy still does a lot and walks around, just because of his will power. He was a wrestler; at the age of 42 he developed the symptoms of MD.IAMD to get in touch with them.


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