Manual wheelchairs are available upon request. Kindly advise when you make a booking whether you will require a wheelchair so that we can ensure availability


There are three dormitories, which have curtain partitioned cubicles with electric beds to facilitate movements of Muscular Dystrophy patients. Each cubicle has a separate bed for the attendant as well along with spacious storage space. It also has a heated floor to ensure participants and their carers are comfortable in colder seasons. Lastly, attached are clean and wheelchair friendly common toilets.

Please refer to Price list to read more about the facilities provided in dormitories and private rooms

Private rooms

There are 19 private rooms with attached bathrooms in soothing colour schemes, overlooking the valleys.

Please refer to Price list to read more about the facilities provided in dormitories and private rooms

Kitchen and Dining Hall

IMDRC Manav Mandir has paid special attention to its kitchen and dining hall as diet is an important feature in the lives of people affected with Muscular Dystrophy. The kitchen is equipped with modern gadgets and the dining hall is spacious and well-lit with huge windows overlooking the valley and the mountains. Meals are served daily and are prepared by our very own chefs to the highest quality in not only taste, but also health.

Recreational and Yoga Hall

The centre has a dedicated hall for conducting yoga and recreational sessions. It has comfortable yoga mats as well as all kinds of board games for children to play. The hall also has a music entertainment system so that participants can take part in singing and dancing activities.

Eco-friendly Water and Electricity

Manav mandir is an an eco–friendly center with a ‘solar power’ plant of 50 kW capacity installed on its roof. The electricity generated is exported to the H.P. State Electricity Board. It also has installed 3 ‘rain harvesting’ tanks with a capacity of 4 lakh litres. The centre also has overhead tanks of equal capacity. (Water is adequately stored for use by all participants. It also has a RO system to maintain the quality of the water, generator for power backup, and fully automatic laundry unit.

Garden and open space

The entire surrounding area of the centre is covered with a kitchen garden and flower beds. Additionally, the centre has a lawn area of about 500 sq. feet, covered with beautiful natural green grass. We are also in the process of planting all fruit trees to be enjoyed by our participants. We also encourage our participants to get involved with gardening.

Vehicle support

IMDRC has parking facilities for the Visitors and Families of Muscular Dystrophy affected people at Ground-1 Floor of IMDRC Building with 20 to 25 vehicles capacity, from where the main building can be accessed using a ramp or lift. Additionally, can also provide drop off / pick up services from nearby locations. Please refer to the Price list.

Wheelchair accessibility

IMDRC Manav Mandir has been built to be wheelchair accessible throughout. Each floor has been carefully designed to ensure patients can access halls, rooms, restrooms and any other amenities using their wheelchair. Commuting between floors is also easily possible using lifts and ramps.


The centre has two ambulances for use by participants if required.

Administrative block and OPD

The center has a large administrative block for all the staff to sit comfortably. It also has a dedicated OPD room for consultation, where doctors can conduct general medical and dental checkups.

Boccia court

We have a dedicated Boccia court where individuals on wheelchair can get involved in a fun and engaging sport