Pranav’s battle with Duchene

Our latest story of joy is about another family with an eight-year old boy, Pranav Singh from Mumbai. Pranav suffers from Duchene Muscular Dystrophy(DMD), a genetic disorder characterized by progressive muscle weakness.

Pranav’s first setback was a little after he celebrated his fifth birthday. He realized that while walking, he started to lose his balance and would tumble down and very soon, he was unable to even climb stairs easily. Worried at this condition, his parents consulted many doctors with no clear diagnosis and finally they took him to a neurologist who diagnosed Pranav with DMD and put him on medication. This medicine did not work and gradually, Pranav’s condition deteriorated dramatically and by October 2021, he had resorted to a wheel chair. Devastated by this development, his parents continued to explore their options more desperately, and finally came to know about our muscular rehabilitation centre in Solan, in Himanchal Pradesh, called the Integrated Muscular Dystrophy Rehabilitation Center.

Here at IAMD, Pranav and his parents met with our visiting experts. Not only was he introduced to therapies, and a disciplined physical regime, but he also attended the seven-day camp. At the end of his very first camp, Pranav showed remarkable progress in his agility, and he gained confidence in his gait once again. They went back to Mumbai and returned after three months for another camp. This time Pranav himself started getting up and also started walking with support. Seeing such a marked improvement in their son‘s posture and movement , his parents decided to continue the camp and were astonished to see now that Pranav can walk without support upto 25-30 steps , can slowly climb up stairs and can sit on a chair on his own. The best part is that he has become independent in daily activities.

According to Pranav’s mother, “Coming to IAMD has been a blessing for their family