Jodhpur Camp 2010

The Venue of Camp was FUN WORLD RESORT, Chaupasni Road, Jodhpur. It is a beautiful Water park located at the mid of the city of Surya Nagari. It was only place in Jodhpur which was totally accessible for our MD people with fully AC room on Ground Floor. The children enjoyed there in Children Park and Mughal Garden. The arrangements were made for more than 150 persons with MD and their parents. In total more than 300 people attended the camp were lodging, boarding, arrangement made for them at stop and stay in Resort. It was perhaps the most accessible venue ever for the camp after all Camp. A beautiful Hall was provided for all the functions and separate facility with all arrangement for all sessions and food also. The wheel chairs were available for all participants.....Read More



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National Award to Sanjana Goel

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