Anand Camp 2009

Anand District is an administrative district of Gujarat state in western India. It was carved out of the Kheda district in 1997. Anand is also an administrative headquarters of the district. It is bound by Kheda District to the north, Vadodara District to the east, Ahmedabad District to the west and the Gulf of Cambay to the south. The district had a population of 1,856,872 out of which 27.36% were urban as of 2001. About 204,904 hectare land is available for agriculture. Asia´s largest milk co-operative, the AMUL dairy, is also situated here. Dakor, Champaner, Shri Khambhat Teerth, and Pavagadh Fort are the important places of interest.

Anand city is located in developed area of central Gujarat but unfortunately like other places, awareness about Muscular Dystrophy is negligible. So, thinking about Muscular Dystrophy and the affected people seem to be a task, which was difficult to achieve. But we decided to make this thing happen by creating awareness and reaching out to the people affected by MD. This was the reason and purpose behind planning this ANAND Camp....Read More



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