About The Disease

What is M.D.

Muscular Dystrophy (M.D.) is a neuro muscular disorder wasting the muscles in a progressive way making the victims disabled in using their arms and legs and thus forcing them to depend on others help for all their needs. It is a genetic and incurable disorder as yet. This has become a baffling disease, as all the existing therapies have not been able to stop the ravages of the disease on the tender children and some adults.


They have generally bulged calf muscles and walk on toes with a waddling gait. They fall down frequently and cannot stand up without support on the knees from squatting position. They feel difficulty in climbing stairs.

Handling an MD Child

They should be allowed to do their duties to the extent they can, without being shown excessive pity as this may lead to the disuse of the available muscle power. They should be protected from respiratory, gastric and skin troubles. They should not be harassed with unscientific methods like forceful massage and other practices suggested by quack doctors. They should be provided with some avocation like school education, music, painting, reading to avert their thinking that they are invalids. A positive thinking should be encouraged in the patient by parents, by giving up illusory feelings of guilt and of crimes supposed to have committed in the past lives etc. A positive cheerful attitude of the patients/parents is a requisite in the fight against this cruel, unrelenting disease.

Beware of the quacks

Without any knowledge of the gravity of the disease which is puzzling the entire medical world, some quacks want to make a fast buck by publicizing in the media that they can cure, or have already cured M.D. patients without allowing themselves to any scientific and objective investigation. Thus they want to capitalize the helpless state of the parents with M.D. children. This practice should be curbed in all quarters. The parents too in their excess concern should not walk into the traps of these and waste their precious time, money and energy.

What does IAMD do

Latest knowledge on the research done in other countries is disseminated through the newsletter Bridge supplied free to all members and interested physicians. We extend aid to the economically backward M.D. victims for their education, for medical aid during the respiratory trouble. We help the patients in their rehabilitation through the supply of wheel chairs, other appliances, used T.V Sets; transistors etc. We give suggestions (dos' and don'ts) to keep up the quality of life of M.Ds.

We reach out to all the M.D. victims in India, enroll them as members and render all possible help to them by the donations received.

IAMD is a registered socio-medical organization recognized in the International forum of M.D. Associations.

Help us Fight the Cruel Disease M.D. Lend a Helping Hand.



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