Our Inspiration

Dr R Janaradana Rao

He is the father figure of Muscular Dystrophy in India. He is the one who initiated the whole thing and worked for more than twenty years in this field. He was the first person who inspired us to work towards rehabilitation of MDs. He would visit fishermen families with Muscular Dystrophy, would stay there with them and educate them. Each and every incident in his life inspired us to work. Once there was a flood in Machilipatnam, Dr Rao´s residing place and this flood carried away with it everything on the roads even the front walls of the houses. Here outside Dr Rao´s house was a sign board of IMDA which was being washed away by the heavy flow of water, but Dr Rao not caring even for his life jumped into the water and pulled out this board. Recalling this incident Dr Rao says ," How could I have seen my organization´s board washed away, to me it was like my organization itself getting washed away".

This clearly shows the level of commitment Dr Rao has for the cause of Muscular Dystrophy, which has made him give his heart and soul to the organization.

Mrs. Uma Baldi

Mrs. Uma Baldi is the person who brought us out in the field to work. We got over our initial hesitation and inhibitions once we came in contact with Mrs. Baldi. In the beginning when our President (Ms. Sanjana) used to think that her visiting a particular place was not that important, Mrs. Baldi would insist on taking Ms Sanjana along with her to each and every place she used to visit. Mrs. Baldi used to drive her vehicle to our place and would take Ms Sanjana along with her and without the help of any assistant. She used to help Ms Sanjana climb the stairs personally and with help of her driver. Mrs.Baldi and her family has been a source of great inspiration to our entire movement.



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