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Members and their Subscription

  1. Chief Patron: The collector of the district will be Chief Patron of the Association.
  2. Permanent Members: Deputy Commissioner, Solan, ADM, Solan, SDM, Solan, CMO, Solan and social Welfare Officer, Solan will be our permanent members and our ex-officio members.
  3. Ordinary Members: Any person who pays a subscription of Rs. 100/- per annum acceptable to the governing body will be ordinary member of the association for one year.
  4. Life Members: The person who pays Rs. 1100 or upwards acceptable to the governing body shall be the life member of the association.
  5. Co-opted Members: any person who, the patron in Chief considers to be valuable for the association will be co-opted member of the association. Shri Srikant Baldi, Ms Uma Baldi, Ms Narayanappa will be co-opted members of the association.
  6. Funds of the association
    1. Subscriptions and donation received from the members.
    2. Donations received from any national or international institutions or charitable trusts.
    3. Grants received from the State Govt., Central Govt., Local bodies, Panchayat Samitis, Mandi Samitis, individuals and industrialists.
    4. From UNICEF, Red Cross or any other alike institutions.

Functions, Powers and Duties of the Governing Body

The Governing Body has the following rights, duties and powers:

  1. To establish, run and aid the Indian Association of Muscular Dystrophy.
  2. To prepare and submit every year, the general body, a statement of audited accounts and reports of this association.
  3. To call meetings of IAMD
  4. To do all acts, deeds and things, as may be necessary or incidental to carry out the objects of IAMD.
  5. To open accounts with the banks and to operate the same to draw and deposit.
  6. Bank withdrawal cheques will be signed by any two office bearers, i.e. President, Secretary or Treasurer, Vice President
  7. To appoint sub-committees or persons for a particular purpose and to delegate powers to them.

Duties and Powers of the Office Bearers

Chief Patron

The Chief Patron of the IAMD shall have all the powers to inspect, guide to control the working of the Governing Body.


  1. President will preside over all the meetings of IAMD. In the meeting will preside over the meetings, elected by majority of the members
  2. The President will have a casting vote when there is tie.
  3. He will exercise all such powers as delegated to him by the Association.
  4. He can inspect any of the institutions run by the Association.


  1. Secretary shall carry on with proper authority or authorities on behalf of the Governing/Executive Body of IAMD.
  2. He will keep a record of the proceedings of each meeting in the minute books for the purpose and submit to the next meeting for confirmation.
  3. He will supervise the working and management of the institutions run by the Association and carry on all correspondence to keep proper records, prepare and place before the Executive Committee.
  4. He will help all records of the Association at the place to be determined by the Governing Body.


He will keep regular accounts of all income and expenditure of the IAMD and get the accounts audited every year.

Elections and terms of Governing Body

  1. The Governing Body shall consist of not less than seven, more than eleven members including the office bearers.
  2. The governing Body of IAMD will elect members by secret ballot or by nomination out of the members of the association.
  3. President will be unanimously, Secretary and Treasurer will be nominated by the Governing Body.
  4. The terms will be five years, the patron in chief can extend this term for one year more.

General and Governing Body´s procedure, of meetings, Quorum and Times

General Body

  1. General Body meeting of the IAMD may be ordinary or extra-ordinary.
  2. The ordinary General Body meeting shall be held once every year at such times place and hour, as the Governing Body shall from time to time determine. Seven days notification agenda specifying the day hour to the play of the meeting, business is to be given to all the members.
  3. Extra ordinary general meeting shall be convened by the General Body of its own motion or upon requisition made in writing by not less than 1/3rd members of IAMD. Such requisition shall specify objects of the meetings and shall deliver to the Secretary at the office of the IAMD At least three days notice is required.
  4. The business of the General Body meeting shall be to receive and consider and pass the report of the IAMD on past years affairs of the IAMD to pass the accounts of the IAMD for the year under report. To appoint auditor for the ensuing year.
  5. To elect the members of the Governing Body
  6. To transact such other business, which may be, brought consideration by the permission of the president.

For the meeting of the General Body, president of General Body shall be chairman. In the ordinary or extra ordinary meeting 1/4th members of the IAMD shall form a quorum and shall be entitled to transact all business.

Governing Body/Executive Committee

Shall meet at least every quarterly to do all acts and things to promote and carry out aims and objectives of Association. Three days notice specifying the time, place, hour to business of the meeting shall be given to all the members of the Governing Body.

Amendments and Alterations.

Prescribed procedure under section 1860, Himachal Pradesh Registration Act shall be followed for any additions or alterations or amendments.

Inspection by Registrar

Directions issued by the Registrar Societies, Govt of HP shall be binding on the Association and the has the powers to inspect the records and working of the Association.

We the undersigned here by certify that it is true to correct copy the constitution of the MDA.

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