What Is Success

Before reading this article I want you to answer this question. "What is Success?

Most of you have answered fame, money, career, profession and so many such things. True! My answer was same when I did it first myself. However, ask yourself does success really comes with material gains. If yes then what about all women who devoted their lives for their family? Aren´t they successful?

Actually, I was writing an article about success of disabled people, and I chose Innu Singh a wheelchair bound women with a bubbly attitude and happy life. I know her since a year, but now I feel I don´t knew her at all. Innu has sad memories of her childhood due to less supportive parents. More or less all of the disabled people who need to struggle in order to become successful or just to prove themselves in society. Innu was no exception but her struggles were bit more and probably her struggle was not only with society but also with her family. Though her mother was affectionate but could not offer anything more than love and physical care, of course her father was not her enemy but unfortunately could never become her friend too. Salute to her spirit as she completed her graduation though most of her studies were from home.

Today Innu has completed her MBA in HR along with diploma in fashion designing. She is a diligent wife and a proud mother of 10 years old Soman. With morning alarm at 6:00 her busy day starts. Like all mothers, she gets her child ready for school but the only exception is that her husband helps her with this routine. After refreshments tea, she helps her husband with his breakfast and lunch box. While doing her regular household chores, a thought that strikes Innu often is why she can´t manage her work alone? Why her husband doesn´t get bed tea? Her depressing thought often breaks with voice "Innu, where is my wallet I am getting late for office? This one question rids her of all worries and bring a wide smile on her face. Cleaning, washing, dusting, roaming on wheelchair all around the house, arranging things doing the minimum with maximum efforts is all a part of Innu´s regular life.

Attending parent-teacher meetings, teaching Somen, shopping for home, and decorating her house are her favorite activities. She shoulders all responsibilities with her husband proudly. If you ask her what is her plan in near future she would say retrofitted vehicle, so she can drive alone and a modified kitchen where she can manage her way without any one´s help.

Innu was a project manager with reputed NGO, and she could have pursued any profession but she found her success in the joy of her family. She proudly says I am a professional house wife and my remuneration is the smile on my family´s face. For her success is not material gain it is an accomplishment that comes from within.

She changed my perception towards success. I believe Innu is successful and idol for many. Being a house wife means shouldering infinite responsibilities with no expectations except love from family and being a disabled house wife doubles the challenge.

My article is a tribute to all those women who devote their life for family and become the pillar of strength for the success of their family members.

Author Name: Mohini



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