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Like air, water is a vital element of life. Giving water to someone is like giving someone life. In earlier times, wealthy people used to dig ponds and build wells for the welfare of people. As time passed, population grew and made water scarce and valuable. Wells and ponds replaced by tabs that offer water only if you pay the Municipal Corporations.

Pure water is getting scarce day by day. In cities, we can find women standing in the queues with vassals, quarreling over water in slums and many times hurting each other.

In this chaos of scarcity of water, there is a man who really understands the value and need of water. Mr. Rajkumar Singhania, an accountant in a small firm. He wants to do some good for the society, and he found his way in doing so by serving drinking water. He thought nothing could be better than quenching someone´s thirst. He started carrying 52ltrs of water every day in the Mumbai locals, travelling to and from office. Bringing water, offering it to everyone with love and serving it with great pleasure if someone asked for it, now became a part of singhania´s life. With the passage of time medicines accompanied water. Mr.Singhania also started carrying first aid box and few medicines for headache, fever, cold, etc. As a result of his growing age and decreasing strength, now he carries less water, but his spirit to serve is still young.

In 31 year of his charity, I don´t know if he earned anything materialistically, but he gained a lot of respect in eyes of people and immense satisfaction for himself that gives him peaceful sleep every night and an adorable smile when any commuter call him



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