Twinge Of Being Homeless

A bird leaves its nest with the first ray of sunshine and returns, when the sun hides itself in the arms of the ocean. Just like the bird, we all leave for work in the morning and return home in the evening. We return home! The coziest and safest place on the earth. It is the place that we entrust most, and believe that it will save us from all mishaps. Oh we are lucky! We have a home.

Did you ever think about those millions of people who are bound to sleep and live on the streets? They leave in for work in the morning, just as we do, but they don´t have homes to return to. No roofs and walls to save them from the cold winter and wet nights that many a time leads to death.

And what is more unfortunate is that society believes that these people are responsible for themselves, which is not true. They are homeless due to no regular income, unavailability of low cost homes, and having to migrate miles away from their own home in search of a job. They get arrested for bagging and sleeping on streets; cops beat them for living on the street and displace them. Their homelessness gives rise to many crimes.

Planning commission is unable to provide any adequate solution to this problem as they never get the exact data of these people and most of them are living on charity or hand to mouth work.

However the Government and NGOs are providing shelter to these people, many public schools and institutions have opened their gates for providing night shelters. This year enumerators also tried their best to get exact data by conducting census on the streets at night. But collecting exact data alone will not provide a solution.

The sun sets every day, we return home, birds too retreat to their nests, but millions are on the street are still wandering for shelter. Will it ever change?

Author Name: Mohini



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