Want to feel satisfied?Come forward and stretch helping hand.

Charity is nothing but to share what you have with those who don´t. We feel giving money is charity, my friend! Charity is not only giving money. As I said it means sharing. Share whatever you have money, things, help, thoughts or just a smile.

Making someone´s life livable, or fulfilling the need of someone can bring you mammoth satisfaction. Feel blessed, that God has given you something in excess that you can share with those who are underprivileged.

Food to starving, cloth to bare, medicine to unhealthy, education to unprivileged kids, life to girl fetus, helping hand to needy, respect to women and elders and equal rights to disabled can sprinkle many smiles in your life. It´s better to wipe tears than visiting hundred temples.

Many feel if I won´t, someone else will help, or few believe what difference I alone can make. But don´t forget many small drops create ocean. And so if we all do our bits we can create a better world.

Many say we want to help but don´t know how to. Well, I will say just look around, there are a number of people whose thirsty eyes are seeking your help. Remember if there is a will there is a way.

People say charity begins at home. I tell them, make the entire world your home.

Author Name: Mohini



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