What to do if you are diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy.

Living with MD can be a positive and life changing experience, one must work hard to achieve a healthy state of mind and body as this will ensure optimum life experience for the person and his/her family!

  • Do regular physiotherapy and exercise every day at set intervals. This will ensure adequate blood and oxygen supply to your body and muscles and ensure their long long life! Take help of your parents, children, friendly neighbour, or the actual trained physiotherapist! But if you got to exercise you got to exercise! IT´S A MUST!

  • Breathe in rich oxygen and life and breathe out carbon dioxide and muscular dystrophy every day. Regular practice of Yoga and pranayama (Join that prana yam course now!) will help your body get back into balance and prepare you to be mentally and physically fit!

  • So we know that you got Muscular Dystrophy, and it´s not your fault! Accepting your situation in a positive manner will help you and your body deal with it in a better way. Sit in a quiet corner, and make peace with the condition. Tell your body to accept it and tell your self that you will fight it out. Creating a conflict will only lead to stress being released in your body and mind. Cooperation my friend is the key! In body, mind and heart! Half the battle is won if you are at peace with yourself.

  • Hydrotherapy! If you love water great! If you don´t, you better start loving it! Read about hydrotherapy and find a trained practitioner to discuss the ways and means hydrotherapy can be practiced at home or at clinic! It´s a sure shot way to rejuvenate your body, muscles and spirit!

  • Be polite with your friends and family members, it will ensure better care and cooperation and peace at home and the world! I am sure that´s what you want too! Peace of mind!

  • Keep your nutrition levels optimum, healthy food is the key to long life and great health! You must eat well and balanced food that meets all your food requirements. Make sure you do not have frequent stomach upsets, illnesses. Take care of your body and the body will take care of you!

  • So you jogged up some body muscles!? What about the brain muscles? Jog your brains by being actively involved in social work, family life and office life, after all, worry never climbed a hill and worry never paid a bill! So why worry!?

  • Seek help and assistance only when needed, the more independent you will remain the longer your body will support you! But when you need help, do not hesitate to ask for it even from strangers! Your life comes first!

  • Wheel Around: Once you feel the progression of disease has reached up to the level where you have started falling down frequently, don´t hesitate in using the wheel chair. Use of wheel chair ensures free mobility! You can enjoy car rides, outings, cinema halls, shopping, just about everything that you can think of WITHOUT the fear of falling! (A fall can be real bad for some one with MD).Powered wheelchairs are a real good way to ensure that you are in the race and who knows you may win it too!

  • Do not stop yourself to learn: educate yourself about your health, your rights, and your subjects of interests, complete your studies and your assignments. Ask questions to your doctors. Who knows by the time you finish your studies, scientists may finish their research on Muscular Dystrophy!

  • Same way at the working places make arrangements according to your own self. Don´t stop going to the office/shop/work place! You have every right to work and make your workplace ´YOU´ friendly!

  • Make a list of all things that you wish to do in life, want and never tried, see what all things you can do and in what all things you may need assistance prepare your friends and family members to help you achieve your targets! You must live and live well! (don´t leave your hobbies)

  • Write your not so good feeling on a piece of paper often...this will help in a positive let go of issues and will help you see things in better picture! Talk to close friend or a therapist if things do not seem as bright as you want them to be! Give love and you will get back much more!

  • Attend social functions. Family marriages, birthday parties etc. Even if you think people are staring at you! They admire you for your courage and faith! Not all have it! Do not forget to keep yourself warm!

  • Sit in a quiet corner, and imagine all traces of illness leaving your body


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