Sumit Mehta

Article at Day and Night News Channel Website Dated April 17, 2011

Myself, Sumit Mehta. I am a 27 year old boy and specially abled with Congential Myopathy, which is a similar family of muscular dystrophy. I am currently a full time employee in a Canadian firm and working there as a manager and I am also doing my Masters in Computer Applications from IGNOU. I am also a graduate in Bhartiya Classical Music and have undergone formal training in singing for 9 years regularly. Professionally I chose computers as my career as I am very passionate about programming and developing software.

My life has been very simple and full of love. And I have enjoyed every bit of it. Today, I will share some unforgettable moments of my life with you and the difficulties that I faced and their outcomes and how God and my family helped me at every step of life........Read More



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