V.K. Bansal

Vinod Kumar Bansal is an Indian businessman, founder of Bansal Classes Private Limited, a test preparation company. Vinod Kumar Bansal was born in Jhansi, India on October 26, 1946. He graduated in mechanical engineering at the Banaras Hindu University in 1971. Post graduation, he got married and moved to Kota, Rajasthan, India as an engineer at JK Synthetics, a chemicals company.

In 1974, Vinod was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, which left him physically impaired, and was predicted to shorten his lifespan. In 1983, he met G.D. Agrawal of Mumbai, who inspired him to start coaching students for IIT JEE, the entrance test for the Indian Institutes of Technology. Subsequently, he left his engineering job and started training students, initially at his dining-room table. A few of his students managed to pass the IIT JEE, and in 1991, he founded Bansal Classes.



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